Coffee Tasting Chart

To assist you in selecting the right coffees we have compiled the following COFFEE TASTING CHART. As coffee is a matter of individual taste you may want to order one or more of our sampler packs to determine your favorites.

Note: Acidity is not bitterness. It is a sharp taste on the palate. Arabica coffees have 1/2 the caffeine of Robusta coffees. We sell only Arabica coffees.

                                         STRENGTH            TASTE

Italian (Espresso) Roast Coffee          Very Strong         Acidic	     Italian
Dark French Roast Coffee                 Very Strong         Acidic          Dark French Roast
Puerto Rican Blend Coffee                Very Strong         Acidic          Puerto Rican Blend
San Francisco Vice Coffee                Very Strong         Sweet           San Francisco Vice  
Arabian Mocha Coffee                     Strong              Sweet           Arabian Mocha
California Sippin Coffee                 Strong              Sweet           California Sippin 
Foglifter Coffee                         Strong              Acidic          Foglifter 
Indonesia Reserve Coffee                 Strong              Sweet/Nutty     Indonesia Reserve 
Jamboree Coffee                          Strong              Nutty           Jamboree 
Nick's Blend Coffee                      Strong              Sweet           Nick's Blend 
Kenya AA Coffee                          Strong              Sweet           Kenya AA
Sumatra Mandheling Coffee                Strong              Sweet           Sumatra Mandheling
Ethiopian Harrar Coffee                  Strong              Sweet/Acidic    Ethiopian Harrar 
Rosie's Blend Coffee                     Strong              Sweet/Acidic    Rosie's Blend
Java Estates Coffee                      Strong              Sweet           Java Estates
Mexican Coffee                           Strong              Neutral         Mexican 
Viennese Coffee                          Strong              Acidic          Viennese        
Black Velvet Coffee                      Strong              Sweet/Acidic    Black Velvet
Colombia Supremo Coffee                  Medium              Sweet           Colombia Supremo
Blue Mountain Reserve Coffee             Medium              Sweet           Blue Mountain Reserve
Cafe Roast Coffee                        Medium              Sweet           Cafe Roast
California Gold Coast Coffee             Medium              Sweet           California Gold Coast
Costa Rican Tarrazu Coffee               Medium              Sweet           Costa Rican Tarrazu
Lion's Kona Blend Coffee                 Medium              Neutral         Lion's Kona Blend
Jamaican Blue Mtn Coffee                 Medium              Sweet           Jamaican Blue Mtn
Mocha Java Coffee                        Medium              Sweet           Mocha Java
House Blend Coffee                       Medium              Neutral         House Blend
Kona Fancy AA Coffee                     Medium              Neutral         Kona Fancy AA
Papua New Guinea Coffee                  Medium              Sweet           Papua New Guinea
Tanzania Peaberry Coffee                 Medium              Delicate Acidic Tanzania Peaberry
Celebes Kalossi Coffee                   Medium              Nutty           Celebes Kalossi
Brazilian Estate Coffee                  Medium              Acidic          Brazilian Estate
Guatemala Antigua Coffee                 Medium              Acidic          Guatemala Antigua

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